My Vision

Hi, I'm Paul Allen, the Founder of Options Made Clear.
I believe that “Wealth has a Purpose” and what you do with it has the potential to impact the lives of others.  My goal is to help you to successfully build wealth so that you too can make a difference helping others.  And there is no better vehicle for building wealth than investing in the Stockmarket, with the S&P500 having an average annual return of 9.8%, over the past 90 years.
Unlike many of my competitors, I will never promote the latest gimmicks to "get rich quick". I know you'll eventually be left feeling disappointed.  And that is simply a waste of your time and mine.
I prefer to teach you proven strategies that allow you to generate a steady income each month and build sustainable wealth for the long-term.   
For some of you reading this, you may be worried about losing all of your money.  You may even have lost money investing in the Stockmarket previously.  Let me reassure you.  I know exactly how you feel.  I felt the same way when I started. I have also experienced the pain of heavy losses during the Financial Crisis of 2008.  Then I found a simple way to protect myself from this happening again. 
Insuring my stocks.   
You will learn the same tactics and strategies that I use to help you protect your Stocks and generate income each month.  That way, you can spend less time worrying about your investments and more time doing the things you enjoy. 
So if you're serious about building a more secure financial future, click here to learn more and get started.  
Warm regards

Paul Allen

Options Made Clear

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How to Trade, Invest, Build Wealth and create multiple income streams in 60 days or less...

The Learn to Trade program is a comprehensive online training designed for new Stock Investors looking to create additional income streams part-time, or experienced investors looking to increase returns and make money in any market.  
You will also receive all the personal wealth-building tools and calculators to help you keep track of your investments and manage your finances.  

Learn to Trade and Invest like the Professionals

Build & Protect Wealth
Learn to build long term wealth by investing in the Stock Market.  Our strategies are suitable for the complete beginner through to experienced investors.
We also show you how you can use options to protect your stocks from inevitable market falls, in the same way, you insure your house or car.
5 Steps to Success
Learn the simple system to build wealth trading stocks.  Our free training will show you how.
If you want different results from the average investor, it makes sense to start investing differently. 
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Access our course content from anywhere, allowing you to learn at your own pace.
Unlock your full potential and overcome limiting beliefs.
Money Mastery
Master and control your finances, pay off debts, and build a more secure financial future.
Bonus Tools
Financial tools to help you manage your finances and keep track of your investments