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 Hi, I’m Paul Allen
I started investing in the Stockmarket in 1999, when Dot-Com hysteria swept the market.  For those too young to remember, these were times when people were rushing to put their money in any company with a “dot-com” in its name.
Well, the good times didn’t last and a "dot-com bubble" saw the market eventually crash in 2000.  Stung by my first real losses, I persevered.  I still had a good finance job to fall back on.
Fast forward to 2008 and what proved to be a key turning point in my investing career.  This was when Lehman Brothers went bust and the Stock Market dropped 37% causing a Global Financial Crisis.
I learned the hard way that stop-loss orders (an order to sell a stock at specified price to limit losses) do not always work.   Having suffered more losses than I was comfortable with I felt physically sick. I knew I was not the only one, with millions wiped from investors around the world.
After weeks of soul-searching, I started looking for ways to stop this from happening to me again.   I knew another market correction in the future was inevitable.
Then a friend suggested I try Options.
I’d heard about them before, having studied them in my Finance Degree, but I’d always considered them too risky.
That all changed in early 2009 when I met my Options Trading Mentor.  He had over 35 years’ options trading experience, 10 of which were spent on the floor of the NY Commodity Exchange.  So I knew this guy was the real deal.
He shattered my limiting beliefs around Options.  More importantly, he taught me how to trade them like professionals.
Not only did I learn to use options to protect my stocks from another market correction, I also learned how to create an additional income stream selling them to other investors.
Having traded options successfully now for 10+ years, I reached a point where the only way I felt I could continue to grow was by sharing this knowledge with others.  I believe the impact that the right knowledge can have on someone at the right time in their life is immeasurable.
And that was why I founded Options Made Clear.

Here’s what you can expect from me

Options Made Clear differ from our competitors in that we want to build solid financial foundations first.  That means mastering your finances, paying off debt, and building your emergency savings.  Then we move on to teach you how to invest and build wealth.   I will teach you actionable strategies that you can use right now, whether you are a complete stock market beginner or an experienced investor.
 And I won’t charge you $3,000+ for a beginner course, as I believe this is capital that could be used more effectively in your trading account.
I'm committed to delivering more in VALUE than I receive back from you.
But you still might be wondering…

How do I Know if Your Courses are any Good?

Well, the smartest thing you can do is visit the Home Page and register for my free materials like the Trading lessons on my blog or my 5 Steps to Building Wealth training.
If you like them, you’re going to enjoy my courses.

Here’s My First Sales Pitch to You:

Go to my home page and read some of the free trading lessons in my blog, watch our videos on YouTube, or sign-up for my free 5 Steps to Building Wealth Trading & Investing in Stocks training.  If you find them useful, seriously consider buying my products when I make you an offer.
Simple, right?
Thanks for taking the time to read this page.
Paul Allen
Options Made Clear

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