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Are You Reviewing Your Trades?

If you want to know what separates the losing traders from the consistently profitable ones, it is the habit of reviewing performance.
Consistently reviewing your performance is the only way you can improve and become a better trader. But very few new traders do so and wonder why they are struggling to make money.

Advanced Trade Review 

Advanced Trade Review (ATR) is a way of reviewing your trading performance.  Review each trade and ask yourself two questions;
1. Have I followed my strategy rules?
2. Have I risk managed correctly by only risking 1% on each trade?
In our Learn to Trade Program, we go into the process of ATR in more detail to uncover any limiting beliefs or trader mindset issues that need to be addressed.  That's because trading is 80% mindset and 20% execution.

When Should You do it?

I recommend you perform your ATR at the end of every week/month (depending on your trade frequency). Remember your goal is to improve performance, so doing it more often will help you eliminate mistakes sooner.
By waiting 3 months or longer, you will not only have more trades to review, making it less likely that you will do it, but you will take longer to identify errors in your routine which result in unnecessary losses. That’s the benefit of performing ATR on a weekly basis. You can fine-tune performance and improve your results much sooner. Better to identify mistakes now than continue to see money drain from your account for another 6 months due to silly errors.


If you're not already doing so,  make it a habit to start reviewing your trades and you will be surprised with the results.   If you are a new trader, I recommend checking out my posts on becoming consistently profitablecommon trading mistakes.

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