Best Books

Books That Will Change Your Life

Make it a habit to spend 30 mins each day reading or listening to a good book.  Not only will you be increasing your knowledge, but you will also see noticeable results in your life.   To get you started, here are the books that have had the most influence on my life, both personally and as a trader of financial markets. Personal Development The Compound Effect – a practical book to help you develop the actions […]

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Reviewing Your Trades 2

Are You Reviewing Your Trades?

If you want to know what separates the losing traders from the consistently profitable ones, it is the habit of reviewing performance. Consistently reviewing your performance is the only way you can improve and become a better trader. But very few new traders do so and wonder why they are struggling to make money. Advanced Trade Review  Advanced Trade Review (ATR) is a way of reviewing your trading performance.  Review each trade and ask yourself […]

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Trade Demo Account

How Long Should You Trade a Demo Account?

I am often asked by new traders, “how long should I trade a demo account?”.  Which is a great question.   Learning to become familiar with the mechanical process of placing trades within a demo account is essential.   The danger in trading a demo account for too long is that it does not develop your emotional resilience.  This is key to becoming consistently profitable.  I have witnessed firsthand, new traders who become one of the […]

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Leo Losing Money

How to Make Money Consistently Trading the Markets

Are you a new or experienced trader fed up with losing money? Well, your problems are likely due to poor trade selection, your emotional decisions, or both.  Both of which can be improved by following your strategy rules and neutralising your emotions. I want to reassure you, that you can succeed and make money if you’re prepared to put in the effort.  You will also need patience and persistence.   So, how do you turn things […]

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Should Investors be Preparing for a Recession?

A Recession occurs when the economy contracts over a 6 month period.  Most economists agree that a country has entered a recession if the economy has negative growth over two consecutive quarters.  This is usually measured by its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the past 6 months, investors have had to deal with high and sustained inflation, rising interest rates, and the fallout from the conflict in Ukraine.  And many have also suffered large losses, […]

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Trader Tip - Moving Averages

Trader Tip – How to Use the 50 EMA

In this Trader Tip, I want to talk about the 50-period Exponential Moving Average (50EMA).   It is a very useful chart indicator as it acts as a dynamic support/resistance level on price.  As it is a good indicator of the medium-term trend, it is well suited to swing trading and longer-term investing. For any new traders, the 50EMA is usually drawn on your charts as a RED line, with the 200EMA in GREEN.   6 […]

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How to Trade in the Zones

Trader Tip – How to Trade In The Zones

Today I want to talk about how to trade in the zones.  Specifically, support and resistance zones.  They add another dimension to horizontal support and resistance lines you may already be familiar with. Let’s take a look at the weekly chart for Tesla.   The BLUE RECTANGLE highlighted represents a recent support/resistance zone for this stock.  The upper and lower lines of the rectangle are support and resistance lines that have rejected price on multiple occasions and […]

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Support Resistance

Trader Tip – How to Use Support and Resistance to Improve Your Trading Results

Today I want to talk more about Support & Resistance and how understanding some key principles will help you.  These are taken from Lesson 2 in our Learn to Trade Program. Many new traders mistakenly believe that Support and Resistance (S/R) levels are like brick walls, stopping price movement.  In reality, they behave more like trampolines.  Price often tends to bounce away from S/R instead of stopping as soon as they reach the level.  

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Trader Stocks

Are You Gambling or Trading Stocks?

Is Trading the Stock Market Gambling?  Well, that all depends on how you approach the market. Let me explain. Online trading has exploded in recent years, attracting complete novices who think they can spend a few hours each week pressing a few buttons and end up making a fortune.  The problem with this “Get Rich Quick” mentality is that you will likely end up losing your entire account.  That’s because you will take on far […]

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