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Are You Gambling or Trading Stocks?

Is Trading the Stock Market Gambling?  Well, that all depends on how you approach the market.
Let me explain.
Online trading has exploded in recent years, attracting complete novices who think they can spend a few hours each week pressing a few buttons and end up making a fortune.  The problem with this “Get Rich Quick” mentality is that you will likely end up losing your entire account.  That's because you will take on far too much risk on each trade and suffer from large account drawdowns.  And you will likely place trades based on your emotions and hot tips, rather than using a solid repeatable trading strategy like the professionals.
If this sounds like you, this is your wake-up call.  You need to change your approach if you want to make money consistently over the long term.  I also recommend you check our post on common investing mistakes.
Now if you are still unsure if you are gambling with your money, I have summarised the key traits of Traders and Gamblers below to help you.  Take a few moments to review the list and identify how you approach the markets.  Be honest and ask yourself what are my results like at the moment and where do you want to be?
trader vs Gambler
If you're a gambler looking for better, more consistent results, I'd like to help you.

Here’s What to Do Next

I’ve created some free stockmarket training for you and I’d like you to have it.
This will allow you to learn more about investing in the Stockmarket and our online Learn to Trade Program.   It is designed for people who want to invest for the long-term, earn more, and become financially secure.
Here’s what you will learn in this training:
  • How to reduce risk and invest in Stocks for safe and steady returns
  • Create an additional monthly income and boost your returns in only a few hours per month
  • A simple strategy to protect yourself from the Next Stock Market Crash, so you can worry less and focus on the things you enjoy
The training is around 40 minutes and features the safest trading strategies that I recommend for complete beginners.  I’ll also show you an actual trade that I placed in Netflix where the stock fell by 19% and yet I still made money.
If you want different results from the average investor, you have to start investing differently. 
So if you’d like to learn how to make more money each month and protect your stocks, you’re going to enjoy this training.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Best Wishes
Paul Allen


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