How to Trade in the Zones

Trader Tip – How to Trade In The Zones

Today I want to talk about how to trade in the zones.  Specifically, support and resistance zones.  They add another dimension to horizontal support and resistance lines you may already be familiar with.
Let's take a look at the weekly chart for Tesla.   The BLUE RECTANGLE highlighted represents a recent support/resistance zone for this stock.  The upper and lower lines of the rectangle are support and resistance lines that have rejected price on multiple occasions and have even reversed roles.
How to Trade Zones
When two support/resistance lines are close together, it is better to treat the entire area as a support zone (or resistance).  They are a sign of indecision in the market and are more common in rangebound or sideways markets. 

3 Tips for Trading in Zones 

  1. Avoid Trading Within Zones. Whenever the market is trading within a zone, price action becomes choppy, indecisive, and unpredictable.
  2. When Price Action Decelerates (ever smaller candle bodies) within the zone after a previous pullback outside the zone, pay attention.   This could be a great entry point. Again, the more confluence factors we can add such as Candle formations, the higher our probability of winning.
  3. Place Your Stop Loss Price Targets outside the zone.   Give your trades room to breathe.
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Best Wishes
Paul Allen

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